Music collection

Jerome is a professional DJ, who keeps thousands of music files on the PC in his studio. liquidFOLDERS makes it really easy for Jerome to keep track of his music collection.

The challenge

At work, Jerome needs to pull together the music files he needs—and fast. But he also likes to browse his music collection when he's not sure which tune to mix into his latest production.

Today, Jerome uses directories to store his files. He puts much time and effort in creating directories and storing his files accordingly. But whatever he does, his directory tree always represents one sorting scheme. If he wants to collect files with different properties across directories, he cannot do that efficiently.

Our recipe for success

liquidFOLDERS makes it easy for Jerome to keep track of all his music, something that is important to him. To save time, he keeps all his tracks (and additional content like album covers) with liquidFOLDERS. When working in his studio, Jerome can organize all files by any of their properties—fast and reliably.

When Jerome needs the hottest dubstep tracks which are shorter than two minutes—they are now just a few clicks away. Instead of remembering his material, Jerome can concentrate on making more awesome mixes for his audience.