Michael is a consultant. His job involves frequent and worldwide travelling on various assignments. liquidFOLDERS enables him to finally organize his documents by location.

The challenge

Michael usually spends more time per month on a plane than most people do in a decade. He needs a software tool that allows him to easily keep track of the documents that come with each assignment.

He is intrigued by his professional digital camera that comes with a GPS receiver. Michael's laptop can already use the GPS location that's embedded in each picture, but he wants at least the same functionality for all his other files too, like Word documents, contacts, calendar entries, spreadsheets, and many more.

Our recipe for success

liquidFOLDERS manages GPS coordinates for all file types. In addition, each file can be tagged with human-readable location names like “My house” or “Downtown” in case you don't have the GPS coordinates at hand. Of course, liquidFOLDERS supports queries on the location name. Micheal can also add three-letter IATA airport codes to his files, to get to his files from a given location very rapidly.

Using these geotags, liquidFOLDERS can place your files on a beautifully animated 3D globe for visualization.