Cloud storage

Kim is a college sophomore. She uses Dropbox to keep the files on her devices in sync. She also has iCloud Drive enabled on her iPhone. liquidFOLDERS helps her to keep track of all her accounts.

The challenge

Kim signed up for Dropbox and iCloud Drive in addition to the local storage on her computer. The files in her Dropbox and iCloud accounts sync automatically, but it's often hard to locate a certain photo or document: was it saved locally? Or on Dropbox? Or on iCloud Drive, to sync it with her smartphone?

Sometimes Kim just wants to flick through her old photos, no matter where she stored them—like an iCloud Shared Album.

Our recipe for success

Kim can add a cloud storage service like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive to liquidFOLDERS as a store. When the vendor's client application is installed, our software will automatically suggest the folders that get synced. liquidFOLDERS indexes the files without any modifications.

The files in all cloud and local stores can be searched and browsed together. It does not matter anymore where a photo or document is stored.