Existing directories

Linda and Walter have stored their entire photo collection and the memories of a lifetime on their laptop. liquidFOLDERS takes their organizing to the next level, without abandoning their directory tree.

The challenge

Both Linda and Walter are very tidy and have spent much time to organize their photos by year and events in traditional Windows directories. But sometimes, they'd like to see all photos taken at a specific location, regardless of the year or event. They want to try liquidFOLDERS and use its dynamic (i.e. “liquid”) folder structure to arrange their photos.

Our recipe for success

Linda and Walter are happy that liquidFOLDERS can add existing Windows directories as storage location. When adding a storage location, they select the option “Windows folder”, and then the directory with all their photos. liquidFOLDERS will index the files without any modifications.

The newly created location is synced with the Windows folder, so Linda and Walter don't have to abandon their existing directories, but can still use all the advanced features of liquidFOLDERS.