Family vacation

Pierre and his family love to travel in their tight spare time, and they always take a lot of pictures on their way. liquidFOLDERS makes sorting through them a breeze.

The challenge

At home, or even already on the road, the time comes when Pierre has to sort and categorize the collected pictures and videos.

As Pierre is completely occupied by his profession and his family, he doesn't really want to spend time on sorting his files. Who does, anyway? So Pierre simply copies all the photos and videos from his camera to the same folder, often without even renaming them-let alone tagging.

Our recipe for success

Pierre adds new files to his store by simply dragging them on the store icon. liquidFOLDERS asks Pierre to tag the new images right away. He quickly enters properties like location and roll, and lets liquidFOLDERS sort them.

This gives him more time for what really matters to him: his family.