Video production

Sabrina works for a large company that produces TV and radio ads. With liquidFOLDERS, she can search footage on external drives that are not plugged in right now.

The challenge

Sabrina’s company has to manage many projects at the same time. They keep all footage uncompressed on external hard drives. It is difficult for Sabrina and her team to remember where they’ve stored specific files.

Luckily, liquidFOLDERS is great at working with external media, such as USB or FireWire drives.

Our recipe for success

When creating a store (or later on, using the “Properties” dialog), Sabrina can enable the option “Make searchable while not connected”).

This option is only available for stores on external media. When enabled, liquidFOLDERS keeps a local copy of the file index.

This way, Sabrina can search stores on offline drives with ease. They are displayed ghosted, and cannot be modified.