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liquidFOLDERS is distributed as shareware. Without a valid license key, liquidFOLDERS will display a nag screen from time to time. You are obliged to purchase a license key after 30 days to convert your installation into a full version. All purchases are governed by our license terms. All prices are grand totals including all taxes, which is usual in Germany.

Individuals are allowed to install the full version of liquidFOLDERS on all computers in their household with just a single license key.

Commercial entities are allowed to install the full version of liquidFOLDERS on a single computer per license key. You must purchase more keys for additional computers.

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Getting the full version is fast and easy! Just copy and paste your license key into the dialog box, or directly load the license file you've received after purchasing.

Your stores, files and settings will remain unchanged. You do not need to install any new software.