Installing liquidFOLDERS

After downloading liquidFOLDERS, double-click on the installer to launch it. Follow the instructions to install liquidFOLDERS on your computer.

Allow the installer to make changes to your computer. All liquidFOLDERS installers are digitally signed to verify both their origin and integrity.

Getting started

You probably have thousands and thousands of files on your computer: your music collection, photographs, videos and other data for sure, but also many system files from Windows and applications that you'd rather not see. liquidFOLDERS is intended for your personal files only—we don't want you to be bothered by system files, application data and directories that you don't care about.

When you start liquidFOLDERS for the first time, you'll only see a blank window. To get started, you have to tell liquidFOLDERS where your actual data files are stored: your “Documents” directory will come to your mind, but maybe you have a second harddrive in your computer that holds your media files? You sync some files to Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive? Your work laptop mounts a network shares off a central file server? You can add all of them to liquidFOLDERS in a few, easy steps.

liquidFOLDERS calls the locations with files you care about “stores”. Just click on “Add store…” in the toolbar. A dialog with some options pops up:

Using liquidFOLDERS

Now you can open your newly created store by double-clicking, and use liquidFOLDERS to filter and arrange all your files.

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