Hightech explained

liquidFOLDERS is one of the best tools for your files and data out there. That's because of the unique idea that sparked its development. Here we explain the innovation of liquidFOLDERS—using some toy bricks!

The situation

You probably have a lot files: the number of pictures, documents, messages and videos grows by the day. We're sure you'd like to spend your time doing something other than sorting and categorizing your files, so right now your harddrive probably just looks like a big, unsorted heap.

You probably don't just have one heap, but several, and your accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube contain even more valuable files and memories. Each of these web services has its own way to give you access to the data you have stored there. But in reality, you're files are locked up!

The challenge

What are your options when you're looking for a file, or would like to browse through them all? Maybe you want to take a look at your most treasureable photos (those with the highest rating), and then look up all pictures taken at a specific location. So basically, you want to arrange your heap of bricks by shape…

…and then also by color.

Our recipe for success

liquidFOLDERS pulls this seemingly impossible feat with your data. In a second. For dozens of properties. Thanks to industry-grade database technology. In addition, liquidFOLDERS visualizes your data neatly and efficiently, so you can find the stuff you're looking for.

32 Bit Windows

liquidFOLDERS, Version 3.0.1
Released: May 19th, 2017
Size: 21 MB


64 Bit Windows

liquidFOLDERS, Version 3.0.1
Released: May 19th, 2017
Size: 22 MB


Please choose the installer which is right for your Windows version. The installer can be launched directly.