What is liquidFOLDERS?

liquidFOLDERS is a revolutionary way to manage all the files on your computer. Tired of creating directories and looking for stuff all the time? Then liquidFOLDERS is for you! It has been primarily designed for media files, but works great with all other file types, too.

Under the hood, our software puts industry-strength database technology to work for you. But don't worry, all the details are hidden under our beautifully designed and highly intuitive UI. You can enjoy liquidFOLDERS right from the start!


  • No more struggle with directories
  • Search all your files amazingly fast to find what you're looking for
  • Advanced file views (3D globe, calendar and more)
  • Easy migration of all your files and directories
  • Neatly integrates into Microsoft Windows and third-party software
  • Highly reliable

Getting started in 3 easy steps

Launch the StoreManager

After downloading and installing liquidFOLDERS, your first step is to launch the "liquidFOLDERS StoreManager" application right from your desktop or the start menu.

Create a store

liquidFOLDERS manages all your files in a "store". When you start the StoreManager for the first time, a window appears which lets you create your first stores. You can always create more stores later on by clicking on "Create new store..." in the StoreManager's toolbar.

Drag your files into the store

Now you can open your newly created store by double-clicking, and drag all the files that you'd like liquidFOLDERS to manage onto the StoreManager's window. This also works with entire directories.